Decorative crossbandings

Illustrated here is the choice of crossbandings, which can be used on most dining tables. Custom crossbandings can also be made using veneers of your choice.

Decorative crossbandings

Please note all dining tables will be supplied without crossbanding unless otherwise stated in this online catalogue or in the price list.

If a crossbanding is required please specify the reference from the list below when placing an order.

  • Top Centre: RSRXB Rosewood - Satinwood - Rosewood Crossbanding 88mm wide.
  • Top Left: SMXB Satinwood - Mahogany Crossbanding 65mm wide.
  • Top Right: TMXB Tulipwood - Mahogany Crossbanding 65mm wide.
  • Mid Right: MXB Mahogany Crossbanding 52mm wide.
  • Bottom Left: M(C)XB Mahogany Curl Crossbanding 52mm wide.
  • Bottom Right: RXB Rosewood Crossbanding 52mm wide.